80 bedded multispeciality Oscar Hospital

Oscar hospital owes its present form and status to a sapling implanted by the eminent intensivist friends Dr. Nitin Pawar, Dr. Satish Wanve and Dr. Rajesh Kakde in 2010 as Oscar Hospital and Research Center. The hospital continued to develop and further expand to become the most well equipped center providing the critical care of the highst standard in western suburbs.

Quality healthcare by compassionate medical professionals, accessible and affordable to all.


After 9 years of ceaseless efforts in their own specialities Dr. Nitin Pawar, Dr. Satish Wanve and Dr. Rajesh Kakde developed a burning desire to provide modern and high quality medical care to the adult patients also. This desire was further stimulated and strengthened by realization that development of modern medical facilities had not kept ith industria; development and population explosion in Mumbai.

To evolve as a benchmark in quality healthcare available to one and all. To cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality and ethics.


The hospital has increased its capacity by 40 beds in the same premises by adding new premises. In addition, the hospital has added 2 Operation Theatres, Surgical ICU, Dialysis Unit and even planning to adding CT Scan in near future. This "Hospital with Humanitarian Touch" is already recognised for its unique blend of superior medical treatment combined with special care.